Xtreme International Ice Racing @ Angel of the Winds Arena {Everett, WA}

2018 Xtreme International Ice Racing at Angel of the Winds Arena

Saturday, January 13th

Youth Quad Class – Heat #1: Maybelline wins!

Youth Quad Class – Heat #2: Maybelline wins!


Youth Quad Class – Main: Maybelline wins!

3 Wheeler Class – Heat #1

3 Wheeler Class – Heat #2

3 Wheeler Class – Main

Rider Introductions & The Proposal


Let’s Catch Up!

Well now, has it REALLY been 6 months since my last blog post? Boo!

The girls’ raced BMX most of the winter and spring at NW Indoor BMX, until they closed in early May for the outdoor season. Since then, we have done a handful of races at our local track (McCollum Park) and been to the Peninsula once.

In March, we attended the Dirty Poker Run put on by the Fringe Motorcycle Club. As always, it was a BLAST. This year, members from Maybelline’s 4H group attended – and she also got to work at one of the poker checkpoints (as part of her 4H Community Service requirements).

In April, Maybelline bought herself a new BMX bike – and gave her sister her old one. It was most definitely time for both of the girls to step a size up…love watching them improve as they grow!

Also in April, WE ADOPTED A PUPPY! For many years, the kiddos and Dan have been trying to convince me we need a dog. I was not sold on the idea! Eventually, when the right time/right situation came along, we jumped on it. On Easter Day, the ‘Easter Bunny’ delivered an adorable 10 week pure breed Mastiff puppy…we named her EB (short for Easter Bunny). We love and adore her SOOOOO MUCH!

We spent Memorial Day weekend over in tri-cities…racing Saturday morning at Walla Walla, Saturday evening at Columbia Basin, and Sunday morning at Columbia Basin. The girls’ swooped up podium finishes at all 3 of the races – and they sure went home as tired puppies. The weather that weekend was toppling in the 90’s…and of course, our AC in the #motohome had to go out in the middle of the trip – so that was quite the adventure. We are working on getting that fixed, as we speak!

Most of June was focused on wrapping up school and work, and preparing for the summer that lies ahead! In addition to graduation and birthday parties galore, we and trying to squeeze in some track time where fit.

Cycle Barns annual ‘Kids Day’ was in late June – and Poppa Wheelie and Maybelline volunteered for the event (and I somehow got coerced into working a few hours myself). It’s always fun to help get kiddos onto quads/dirt bikes/strider bikes for their first time…so many happy smiles!

Maybelline chose to have her birthday party at Poppa Wheelies again this year (I know, SHOCKING)! About 60 people attended, and we had as many as 15 kids riding the track throughout the day. In the early afternoon, we hosted a small ‘poker run’ ride for all the kids with some really great prizes/swag. Her birthday parties are always THE BEST – HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY MAYHEM ♥.

It is now July (how the heck did that happen) – and the calendar is JAM PACKED with #moto #moto #moto through the rest of the summer. Both girls finish up swim lessons this week, and then we are off to Eastern Washington to ride with the 4H group for the weekend. Shortly after that, Mayhem is off to DIRT BIKE summer camp for an entire week. We have a big trip down to the Coos Bay sand dunes in August – immediately returning to 2 weeks out at the Evergreen State Fair (Mayhem will be competing on her dirt bike). We end the summer with BMX State Finals in Tri-Cities…than, back to school (and back to work for me).

Stay tuned for more adventures from Team #77 Racing!


Sunday at the berm: NW Indoor BMX

Another great day of racing for the Team #77 Racing / Diablos BMX Racing crew!

We headed north this morning for some single point racing at NW Indoor BMX in Burlington.

Penelope took 1st in all 3 of her motos, landing her with a 1st place trophy!

Maybelline took 3rd in her first and second moto, and 2nd in the third moto – totaling out to a 3rd place trophy!

Not too shabby…considering the girls’ have only been hitting the BMX track once a month or so this past winter. We have two weekends of Winter Flat Track {quad and dirt bike} racing remaining in the series before getting back to the BMX ‘grind’ on the regular…can’t wait!

Xtreme International Ice Racing @ Xfinity Arena {Everett, WA}

This past weekend, Team #77 Racing had the pleasure of racing on ice at Xfinity Arena in Everett, WA! Our family has participated in ICE Racing for 10+ years now – but this was our first year building entire classes sponsored by us ‘as a team’.

The kid’s class consisted of 7 riders for the night: Kaleah, Addy, Maybelline, Penelope, and AJ {all friends/family of Team #77 Racing} + Blake and another little gal.

Maybelline and Penelope had both raced on ice before. It was Addy’s first year racing a quad on dirt, and now on ice. It was also AJ’s first year racing on ice, but his second year racing his quad. And Kaleah, she is the dirt bike girl – so this was her first time EVER racing a quad. Such a fun group of kids!

The {un-studded} 3-wheeler class consisted of 6 riders: Painter Dan, Poppa Wheelie, Freakshow, Jeff, Travis, and Scott.

Poppa Wheelie had raced 3-wheelers on ice before, for several years – but never un-studded. Dan had just recently started racing his 3-wheeler on dirt. For Jeff, Scott, and Travis – it was the first time racing a 3-wheeler at all for them. They LITERALLY put on the best show of the night!

Everyone arrived to the track by 4pm, and got registered. We had a team dinner over at Buzz Inn, and made it back just in time for the riders meeting. Everything from there on seemed like a blur…as the kids’ quads and the 3-wheelers were racing ‘back-to-back’, and both had 2 heat races and one main.

This year, I was lucky enough to capture video of all 6 of the races that happened that night! Below are the race results and video…ENJOY!

The PRE-RACE interview:

Kids Quad Class

Heat #1: Kaleah WINS

Heat #2: Blake Van Laar WINS

Main: Maybelline WINS


3-wheeler Class

Heat #1: Travis WINS

Heat #2: Travis WINS

Main: Travis WINS


We couldn’t be any happier about how the night went! Everyone had such a blast, and the kids all had grins from ear-to-ear…

A HUGE thank you to Xtreme International Ice Racing – XIIR for having the Team #77 Racing crew out to Xfinity Arena to race on the ice!

…until next year…

Flat Track Racing in IDAHO {OMC Rd #2 & Rd #3}

We have been back from racing and visiting with family in Idaho for 2 weeks, and I am just now finding the time to sit down and share how it all went!  It was a SUPER FUN trip, but it took a lot of energy, planning, and driving to make it all happen…exhausting all in its own (not to mention the packing/un-packing, work related stuff, the holidays, etc). Glad to be home and getting ready for the holidays!

We raced the OMC Flat Track Series in Idaho on the Friday and Saturday following Thanksgiving (which meant making the 8 hour drive over on Thanksgiving Day). We were hoping to make it back to our home track in Monroe in time for racing on Sunday morning as well – but with how tired we all were and the nasty road conditions on the 8 hour drive, we quickly realized that may not be possible. We arrived back home late Sunday evening.

First night {Rd #2}:

Mayhem took 1st in both the open kid’s quad and open kid’s dirt bike class.

Nelly took 3rd in the open kid’s dirt bike class, and took a hard crash in the kid’s quad class…still finishing 4th.

Chandra held 1st in the PRO class heat and main race, taking home the $65 purse.

Team #77 Racing also battled it out on our 70cc 3-wheelers (all 6 of our immediate family members)…


Video of the ‘Heat Race’ {this first portion of the video eliminates Uncle Jonny jumping the start line…}:

Poppa Wheelie taking 1st, Dan 2nd, May 3rd, Chandra 4th, Nelly 5th, and Uncle Jonny 77th in the main!

Second night {Rd #3}:

Mayhem finished 1st in the kids open quad class, and 3rd in the kids open dirt bike class. Nelly swooped up 2nd in the open kid’s quad class, and 4th in the open kid’s dirt bike class.



AND THEN, yesterday, we went to Monroe to support our sponsored kiddos still racing flat track out there! A minor detail (but a huge decision that I have pondered over how and when to publicly discuss/announce) is that our two girls, Mayhem and Nelly, will no longer be racing Flat Track at Monroe for WHR Motorsports (the current promoter). This is the first time in 26 years that Team #77 Racing has not had an immediate family member racing the Winter Monroe Flat Track Series. I plan to address the decision in full detail here in my #MotoMom Blog in the near future, but with an open investigation involving the promoter (the lessee) and the Evergreen State Fairgrounds (the landlord) – I am allowing things to run a due-process before discussing details related to this decision. Either way, we continue to support all of our sponsored kiddos and friends/family racing there on Sundays this winter!


The next race in the Idaho OMC Flat Track Series is not for another month. Meanwhile, we plan to get a few BMX sessions in at NW Indoor BMX – and get things prepared for Xtreme International Ice Racing on Jan 7th! This years’ Ice Racing line-up is SURE TO IMPRESS: Poppa Wheelie and Painter Dan will BOTH be racing un-studded 70cc 3-wheelers, and both girls (plus Addy and Bro) will be racing the kids class! Both classes have been stacked with 8+ riders. With great competition, family & friends, it’s sure to be a great time!


Happy Holidays to all of our family, friends, and supporters! Team #77 Racing has had the BEST year yet, and we appreciate each and every one of you that has encouraged us along the way. We sure are excited to see what 2017 has to hold!


‘If everything seems under control,

you’re not going fast enough’




Flat Track Racing in IDAHO {OMC Rd #1}

This past weekend, we hopped in Poppa Wheelies’ dully pick-up with trailer+bikes in tow – and headed to Nampa, Idaho (8 hours from home) to visit my sister + brother-in-law, and race the OMC Flat Track Series {Round #1}!


My only sibiling/older sister Chandra is what I consider a ‘flat track veteran’, holding several pro titles throughout her 25+ years of racing quads (on dirt AND ice).  Just a little over a year ago, her career in racing was put on hold due to being diagnosed with MS. Since her diagnoses, she has worked hard to maintain her illness in a positive attempt to live a healthy and happy life. Anyone who has met her knows how much of a strong and amazing person she is…MS knocked her on her a$$, but she has fought back and kept such a positive attitude…I sure love and admire her! This past weekend was her first time back on the dirt track and I couldn’t have been any more proud and happy to be there to cheer her on!


Chandra got the whole-shot on both the heat and the main, riding fierce (running tire-to-tire with her competition in every corner, keeping tight on the inside line, allowing NO room for error) and maintaining 1st place for the entire 8 lap race in BOTH the PRO heat and main race – taking home the $100 cash purse at the end of the night!



Uncle Johnny and Shane raced their 3-wheelers, Johnny taking 1st and Shane 2nd.


Maybelline and Penelope both raced an open kids quad class, May sweeping up 2nd place and Nelly 3rd.


Both girls also raced an open kids dirt bike class; May fought hard taking 3rd, and Nelly shortly behind in 4th.

Such a great weekend of racing with family!


Now, 4 days of R&R before another double header event here in Idaho, then back to Washington… #Team77Racing   #WinnersPodium   #ParticipationPlaques


NW Flat Track Series 2016-2017: Race #1 {of 9}…

Now, that was a GREAT way to start off Flat Track season! Team #77 had victories across the table this past Sunday, and we couldn’t be any more proud of all the kiddos!


Penelope raced her PW 50 in the beginners 50cc dirt bike class, and her LT80 quad in the beginners 90cc quad class. At the ripe age of six, this is her second year racing in both those classes. Last year, she had a tough time keeping up with the ‘big kids’ in both classes but held in there taking 4th overall in the series (out of 6 total qualifying riders) on her quad, and 4th overall in the series (out of 4 total qualifying riders, so last place) on her dirt bike.

Maybelline raced her new KTM 50cc Pro Senior in the advanced 50cc dirt bike class, and her LT80 quad in the beginners 90cc quad class. As we mentioned before, we were having a tough time deciding what class to put her in on her quad since she had already been in that class for two years. After consulting our fellow ‘flat track veteran’ family and friends, it came down to just a few things:

-In the 2 years she had previously raced this class, she only ONCE (in 18+ races) took home a 1st place trophy (and that’s when #1 and #2 took each other out on the last lap and she was able to pass by the crash).

-Also, she is still riding a stock 80cc quad, vs. the ‘shifter quads’ that are currently running in the advanced class. The ‘Myers’ family (racing mates for 20+ yrs) also have similar age kids on the same quads that always proven for fun competition, so we followed suit leaving them all in the same classes again this year as we’ve always done in the past.

-Finally, she is 3 years YOUNGER than the maximum age requirement for the class, meaning that she is still competing with people who are both less and more advanced than her.

Obviously, if she takes a podium finish in this class this year, we plan to buy her a bigger bike and move her up next year. As far as her dirt bike went, the ‘big bikes’ (KTM’s and Cobra’s) stepped up into the advanced class so Maybelline did too! With only a few short sessions of seat time on the new bike, we were not sure what to expect.

This year, we also added another new member to the Team #77 Racing Team! Our dear friend Makayla and her daughter, Addy (age 5) came out for Sunday RACE-DAY. Addy is using one of the girls’ old LT50 quads, and is racing the beginners 70cc quad class.

Another long-time ‘flat track veteran’ friend brought out his son, Bro, to also race in the beginners 50cc dirt bike class. It was sooooo fun to have him and Penelope in the same races (flashback to circa ’94…and that was us, now parents, racing each other). We are hoping that Bro will return in the near future to race quads with the girls’ as well!


With a line-up of 4 kids, totaling 6 bikes/quads (and all races running back-to-back pretty much), it sure led to an eventful day for Team #77 Racing!


Nelly and Bro battled it out on their PW 50 dirt bikes (back and forth between #1 and #2 probably 5 times during the race) – with Nelly taking 1st across the finish line during the heat race. The main had seven dirt bikes total, Nelly taking 1st, and Bro at 3rd (but less than a bikes length from swiping 2nd). I think both of them are probably still sleeping with their trophies at night ;-).


Next race was Maybelline on her dirt bike! Just her (on her KTM) and another little girl (on a Cobra), both new to the bikes and class this year, hit the track. May blew up her clutch right out of staging, but made it through both the heat and main, taking 2nd place overall.

Addy was up next! For her first time ever on the track, she did GREAT! There were 2 quads in her class that did not belong in there (it was a 70cc and less beginners class, and there was a DDR 90 and a 110 both in it) that made it an even tougher race for her. Either way, she swooped up 5th in the heat race, and finished 2nd in the main…INCREDIBLE!

Next up was May and Nelly in the quad class! With 9 total riders in the class, both girls had to fight hard to keep their places. May took 1st in both the heat and main, and Nelly took 4th in both as well! SO PROUD OF THEM ❤❤


We got out of the track by 5:30ish on Sunday, and headed home with a bus full of happy kids and a bundle of trophies! With 26 winters spent at that track for Flat Track Racing…these sure are the nights and moments we live for…GO TEAM #77 RACING!

{{Up next: Indoor BMX Racing             THIS WEEKEND}}


Quick Update: NW Flat Track Series 2016-2017…{Just 3 more days}!


We are SOOOOOOO proud to announce we have added another little racer to Team #77 Racing for the upcoming NW Flat Track Season! This will be Addy’s first year on the track, and we are so excited to help her gain some podium finishes. Also, our funniest little man AJ will be returning for another year of wreaking havoc in the Beginners 90cc Class! 

Now that we’ve gotten the GOOD news out of the way…the bad news: we are down a race quad at the moment. Maybelline’s LT80 is currently in repair mode, after the cooling fan let go and exploded during some trial runs today. We purchased the quad a year and a half ago (for a small fortune) and it was supposed to be ‘race ready’. Ever since, it has had jetting problems (or so we thought that was the issue). It really never ran its full capacity this last race season, so we were surely hoping for a better start to this season.


Poppa Wheelie has it torn to pieces at the moment…and we are awaiting details on where to go from here. On a side note, good thing we own at least a half dozen of these LT80’s (but nothing as fast as that particular quad). Either way, we will be RACE READY on Sunday morning!

it’s Going to be a GREAT season…