Xtreme International Ice Racing @ Angel of the Winds Arena {Everett, WA}

2018 Xtreme International Ice Racing at Angel of the Winds Arena

Saturday, January 13th

Youth Quad Class – Heat #1: Maybelline wins!

Youth Quad Class – Heat #2: Maybelline wins!


Youth Quad Class – Main: Maybelline wins!

3 Wheeler Class – Heat #1

3 Wheeler Class – Heat #2

3 Wheeler Class – Main

Rider Introductions & The Proposal


Xtreme International Ice Racing @ Xfinity Arena {Everett, WA}

This past weekend, Team #77 Racing had the pleasure of racing on ice at Xfinity Arena in Everett, WA! Our family has participated in ICE Racing for 10+ years now – but this was our first year building entire classes sponsored by us ‘as a team’.

The kid’s class consisted of 7 riders for the night: Kaleah, Addy, Maybelline, Penelope, and AJ {all friends/family of Team #77 Racing} + Blake and another little gal.

Maybelline and Penelope had both raced on ice before. It was Addy’s first year racing a quad on dirt, and now on ice. It was also AJ’s first year racing on ice, but his second year racing his quad. And Kaleah, she is the dirt bike girl – so this was her first time EVER racing a quad. Such a fun group of kids!

The {un-studded} 3-wheeler class consisted of 6 riders: Painter Dan, Poppa Wheelie, Freakshow, Jeff, Travis, and Scott.

Poppa Wheelie had raced 3-wheelers on ice before, for several years – but never un-studded. Dan had just recently started racing his 3-wheeler on dirt. For Jeff, Scott, and Travis – it was the first time racing a 3-wheeler at all for them. They LITERALLY put on the best show of the night!

Everyone arrived to the track by 4pm, and got registered. We had a team dinner over at Buzz Inn, and made it back just in time for the riders meeting. Everything from there on seemed like a blur…as the kids’ quads and the 3-wheelers were racing ‘back-to-back’, and both had 2 heat races and one main.

This year, I was lucky enough to capture video of all 6 of the races that happened that night! Below are the race results and video…ENJOY!

The PRE-RACE interview:

Kids Quad Class

Heat #1: Kaleah WINS

Heat #2: Blake Van Laar WINS

Main: Maybelline WINS


3-wheeler Class

Heat #1: Travis WINS

Heat #2: Travis WINS

Main: Travis WINS


We couldn’t be any happier about how the night went! Everyone had such a blast, and the kids all had grins from ear-to-ear…

A HUGE thank you to Xtreme International Ice Racing – XIIR for having the Team #77 Racing crew out to Xfinity Arena to race on the ice!

…until next year…

No-Bake ‘Energy Bites’ {Our favorite go-to snack}!

If you’ve ever hung out with us at the track, then you know that we ALWAYS have the good snacks =).

I get at least 2-3 requests a week for my No-Bake ‘Energy Bites’ recipe. So, I figured I would post is here to share with EVERYONE! Enjoy…

energy bites


  • 1 cup rolled oats
  • 1/4 cup mini chocolate chips (or butterscotch, milk chocolate, white chocolate, peanut butter, cinnamon chips, etc.)
  • 3/4 cup mixed chopped nuts
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter ( or almond butter, sunflower seed butter, cashew butter, or others)
  • 1/3 cup honey or agave nectar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Optional: 1/4 cup of coconut, flax seed, or chia seed


  1. Combine all ingredients together in a bowl and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
  2. Form into balls using your hands.
  3. Store in airtight container. Best served cold (refrigerator or freezer).




Ready, set, GO {to Spokane}…

As we begin to recover from the chaos at Saturdays’ race – we prepare for another adventure for BMX racing. We are taking our motorhome (usually referred to as the ‘bus’) over to Spokane, ‘dry camping’ and racing 4 days in a row at their local BMX Track. We will then leave the track, and spend a few days of enjoying some R&R at a RV Resort and Country Club before heading back home.

In order to make this journey happen, we have had some serious chores to get done! We have been storing the bus over at the grandparents’ house. Yesterday, Painter Dan picked it up and brought it home. We’ve since then, we got 2 more new tires on it (in addition to the two new ones we got over ‘Nationals’ wknd), cleaned and washed it inside & out, filled the propane, emptied the tanks at a local rest stop, filled the bus with diesel and the generator with unleaded, filled the water tanks, got a few little repairs/fixes done, and now I just have to re-pack it! We are sooooo close; I can taste it 😉

IMG_20160727_185641842_HDR IMG_20160727_185656115_HDR IMG_20160727_185716411_HDR

Now, I’ve just got to get caught up on laundry, and get everyone packed! Although this may seem be a daunting task, we are fortunate enough to have a ‘clothes room’/XXL walk-in closet in our home that I sort EVERYONE’S clothes in when they come out of the dryer – making packing fairly easy. Riding gear (jerseys and track pants) are in one section, summer clothing in another – and shoes are sorted by season. This shouldn’t take too long; in fact, it will likely take longer to pack it and get it out to the motorhome than it will to find and select the items.


And food…now that the fridge is ‘on’ in the bus – I will get grocery shopping and food prep done here soon. I hate loading food from the grocery store, into the house, and then back into the bus (it just seems like too much unnecessary shuffling) – so I try to avoid it at all costs. Sometimes we will even plan our grocery shopping to be at the start of the trip, and just load from the grocery store right into the bus. Anyhow, I plan to boil a carton of eggs, make ‘protein balls’, prepare some raw veggies and salads, make some meat & cheese trays, etc. ahead of time – to make sure healthy snacks are just a reach away!

The lists go on and on. But I am feeling accomplished – we are soooooo close to being READY! Onward & upward. The count-down in on until we hit the open road!


{{PS- Received this AMAZZZZING photo of Penelope, from Lee Cejalvo Photography, at Saturday’s SCR/ProAm. Love the determination that shows through her ‘race face’…}}


Stay tuned for updates as we ‘get the show on the road‘…


Off to LumberJack Nationals: List after list…

As we set off for the BMX LumberJack Nationals at River Valley tomorrow, I double, then triple, and sometimes quadruple check my lists.

PicMonkey Collage

Why all the lists? It’s all just too much to sort out in a short amount of time…without the lists. My husband has been working double time to make up for the last vacation (to Silverwood) and this upcoming race/holiday weekend (consisting of 5 days); so getting him on the ‘same page’ is important. The lists give both of us a clear picture of what needs to be packed, prepared, and done by the time we sail out of our driveway. I primarily do all the grocery shopping, food prep, and packing for all four of us (plus Ollie, the family cat who travels with us). Dan takes care of making sure the motorhome (or cars) are ready, the bikes are all prepped & packed, and anything I need loaded makes it on-board. It’s just what works for us.

This trip has been especially challenging, as we just got done with Maybelline’s 8th birthday party; and we leave on her actual birthday and our anniversary. Putting all the stuff away, cleaning party trays and bowls, and all the other non-sense from her party was a 2 day task itself. The dust had finally settled.

Today was my ‘PREP DAY’.

One thing that is SUPER important to me and my family is FOOD! (The kids’ annoyingly mock me constantly for saying this…) but, FOOD = FUEL. In the life of ‘extreme sports’, it is even more considerably important that that the foods we are consuming are best for the body. It’s easy to ‘fly by the minute’ and get fast food/pre-prepped food on the go, but it’s obviously not the fuel your body needs/wants to participate in this level of activity. Especially when racing/riding, I find it necessary to prepare a full menu ahead of time and do my best to make sure we all have the proper fuel we need throughout the trip so we don’t find ourselves resorting to unhealthy options. This trip in particular, I’ve prepped everything including: steak chili, buffalo chicken wraps, garlic&herb turkey wraps, beef gyros, beef short ribs, mashed potatoes, 4 salads, sliced veggies & homemade ranch, chunked watermelon, trail mix, sandwich/salad fixings, and other goodies on the side. We shall eat well for the next 5 days…

Then, my other chore: packing the gear, clothes, shoes, and whatever else essentials are needed for this family 4 of plus our cat. Between the motorhome, 4+ bedrooms, a ‘clothes room/closet’, and the giant laundry pile – I must figure out how to accumulate 5 days’ worth of ‘racing clothes’, plus casual clothes (and you know Washington, plan for BOTH sun and rain), sleepwear, and undergarments for both the girls’. The husband and I always seem to figure out our packing pretty quickly, thankfully. Overall, ‘the packing’ amounts to being a half day chore. And, it’s done – YAY!


Tomorrow, leaving… only 12 hours from now? Ugh! I am much need of some rest. LUMBERJACK NATIONALS…HERE WE COME…