Flat Track Racing in IDAHO {OMC Rd #2 & Rd #3}

We have been back from racing and visiting with family in Idaho for 2 weeks, and I am just now finding the time to sit down and share how it all went!  It was a SUPER FUN trip, but it took a lot of energy, planning, and driving to make it all happen…exhausting all in its own (not to mention the packing/un-packing, work related stuff, the holidays, etc). Glad to be home and getting ready for the holidays!

We raced the OMC Flat Track Series in Idaho on the Friday and Saturday following Thanksgiving (which meant making the 8 hour drive over on Thanksgiving Day). We were hoping to make it back to our home track in Monroe in time for racing on Sunday morning as well – but with how tired we all were and the nasty road conditions on the 8 hour drive, we quickly realized that may not be possible. We arrived back home late Sunday evening.

First night {Rd #2}:

Mayhem took 1st in both the open kid’s quad and open kid’s dirt bike class.

Nelly took 3rd in the open kid’s dirt bike class, and took a hard crash in the kid’s quad class…still finishing 4th.

Chandra held 1st in the PRO class heat and main race, taking home the $65 purse.

Team #77 Racing also battled it out on our 70cc 3-wheelers (all 6 of our immediate family members)…


Video of the ‘Heat Race’ {this first portion of the video eliminates Uncle Jonny jumping the start line…}:

Poppa Wheelie taking 1st, Dan 2nd, May 3rd, Chandra 4th, Nelly 5th, and Uncle Jonny 77th in the main!

Second night {Rd #3}:

Mayhem finished 1st in the kids open quad class, and 3rd in the kids open dirt bike class. Nelly swooped up 2nd in the open kid’s quad class, and 4th in the open kid’s dirt bike class.



AND THEN, yesterday, we went to Monroe to support our sponsored kiddos still racing flat track out there! A minor detail (but a huge decision that I have pondered over how and when to publicly discuss/announce) is that our two girls, Mayhem and Nelly, will no longer be racing Flat Track at Monroe for WHR Motorsports (the current promoter). This is the first time in 26 years that Team #77 Racing has not had an immediate family member racing the Winter Monroe Flat Track Series. I plan to address the decision in full detail here in my #MotoMom Blog in the near future, but with an open investigation involving the promoter (the lessee) and the Evergreen State Fairgrounds (the landlord) – I am allowing things to run a due-process before discussing details related to this decision. Either way, we continue to support all of our sponsored kiddos and friends/family racing there on Sundays this winter!


The next race in the Idaho OMC Flat Track Series is not for another month. Meanwhile, we plan to get a few BMX sessions in at NW Indoor BMX – and get things prepared for Xtreme International Ice Racing on Jan 7th! This years’ Ice Racing line-up is SURE TO IMPRESS: Poppa Wheelie and Painter Dan will BOTH be racing un-studded 70cc 3-wheelers, and both girls (plus Addy and Bro) will be racing the kids class! Both classes have been stacked with 8+ riders. With great competition, family & friends, it’s sure to be a great time!


Happy Holidays to all of our family, friends, and supporters! Team #77 Racing has had the BEST year yet, and we appreciate each and every one of you that has encouraged us along the way. We sure are excited to see what 2017 has to hold!


‘If everything seems under control,

you’re not going fast enough’