#SingleMotoGrandpa seeking #SingleMotoGrandma

As many of you may already know, Poppa Wheelie is the center of Team #77 Racing. Without him, we sure as heck wouldn’t be able to make racing a possibility – and likely wouldn’t even be riding. He’s a SUPER GREAT dad, and an even better grandpa. But, he is missing something – and that is a #SingleMotoGrandma to enjoy life by his side.


And that, my friends, is why I have created a ‘Rider Bio’ just for Poppa Wheelie#SingleMotoGrandpa seeking #SingleMotoGrandma! Check it out here: http://team77racing.com/rider-bios/poppa-wheelie/.

PicMonkey Collage

Although most of the content was created in a joking matter; he REALLY is looking for his future Mrs. #{NoLonger}SingleMotoGrandma. Interested? Please submit blood test, urine sample, breathalyzer results, and current vaccination report to abeautifuladdiction@hotmail.com for consideration. Actual results may vary…